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22 Chaser


One of the city's last decent tow truck drivers risks everything on a desperate quest to become king of the road and provide for his struggling family.

Directed By Rafal Sokolowski

Starring: Brian J. Smith, Kaniehtiio Horn, Aaron Ashmore, Raoul Trujillo and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.


Backstabbing For Beginners



Per Fly’s “Backstabbing for Beginners” is a political thriller based on Danish/American whistleblower Michael Soussan’s acclaimed memoir about the Oil for Food scandal, widely known as the biggest financial scandal in UN history.

Directed By Per Fly

Starring: Theo James, Ben Kingsley, Jacqueline Bisset and Belçim Bilgin.


Bang Bang Baby



A small town teenager in the 1960s believes her dreams of becoming a famous singer will come true when her rock star idol gets stranded in town. But a leak in a nearby chemical plant that is believed to be causing mass mutations threatens to turn her dream into a nightmare.

Winner of TIFF’s Best Canadian First Feature Film award.


Brother Frank



Brother Frank follows a young woman, Odessa, as she grapples with articulating her ideas as a video-artist. She floats through the joyous esprit of the big city art scene, looking to find some purpose to infuse in her work. After hearing of his story, she journeys to meet Brother Frank, an elderly monk ostracized by his church. Through jilted conversation Odessa finds out more about Frank’s unfortunate situation with the monastery he refuses to leave. Their relationship develops until an unexpected turn of events changes the course of her visit.

Directed by Iris Fraser


Diamond Tongues


Edith dreams of being a successful actress but just can't seem to make things happen. When she can't figure out what she's doing wrong, she begins to do everything wrong.


Dim The Fluorescents


Struggling actor Audrey (Claire Armstrong) and aspiring playwright Lillian (Naomi Skwarna) pour all of their creative energy into the only paying work they can find: corporate role-playing demonstrations. When they book the biggest gig of their careers at a hotel conference, they commence work on their most ambitious production to date and the ensuing tensions threaten to derail both the production and their friendship. As wryly funny as it is unexpectedly poignant, DIM THE FLUORESCENTS is a one-of-a-kind portrait of the artistic life and process in the unlikeliest of settings.


Don’t Get Killed In Alaska


DON’T GET KILLED IN ALASKA follows Liney (Lee-nee) a 20 year-old tomboy as she travels back to Ontario with her new boyfriend Dan after a summer of tree planting. Having lost all their money in a questionable incident, Liney agrees to ask her family for money to get them both to Alaska where they plan to spend the winter working on a fishing boat. Liney is forced to deal with her family dynamics as she meets with her estranged mother, her judgmental older brother and her silent father. Everyone has a plan for Liney, except for Liney.


Giant Little Ones


Two popular teen boys, best friends since childhood, discover their lives, families, and girlfriends dramatically upended after an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party.

Written and Directed By Keith Behrman

Starring: Darren Mann, Josh Wiggins, Taylor Hickson, Maria Bello and Kyle MacLachlan.

TIFF Article


Hotel Congress


Two people meet in a hotel in the middle of the desert and try not to have an affair.

With a satirical wink at the romance of cinematic ennui, Hotel Congress is a funny and tender story of true love told through infidelity. Where principles act as foreplay.

Directed by Nadia Litz


How To Rid Your Lover Of A Negative Emotion Caused By You!


Sadie and Dennis are a couple in love. Sometimes. Sometime they fight. Sometimes they get angry. It is becoming very difficult for Sadie to keep chloroforming her boyfriend, cutting open his stomach, removing the negative emotion, sewing him back up, and then pretending like nothing happened.

Directed by Nadia Litz


Impossible To Contain


This 360 documentary brings the viewer to experience the aftermath of a diesel spill near the First Nations community of Bella Bella, told through the experience of one family. Filmmaker, Zoe Hopkins, brings us to her homeland to experience a family dinner – of seafood, all from Gale Creek, where a tug boat ran aground, spilling over 100,000 liters of diesel. Her cousin, Robert Johnson, describes how the site of the disaster is a main food source for their people, and how it affects their family and way of life.

For the best viewing experience, watch this documentary in the YouTube app on a mobile phone. 


Kayak To Klemtu


Adventure film celebrates the wild west coast of Canada and gives voice to communities living in the shadow of encroaching industry.  Kayak to Klemtu invites viewers on an epic journey through the spectacular landscapes of The Great Bear Rainforest, as 14-Year-old Ella searches for the courage to speak for her people and the connection to the land they are defending.

Directed by Zoe Hopkins





Monsanto Canada Inc v Schmeiser [2004] is a leading Supreme Court of Canada case on patent rights for biotechnology, between a Canadian canola farmer, Percy Schmeiser, and the agricultural biotechnology company Monsanto.

Directed By Clark Johnson

Starring: Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci, Zach Braff, Adam Beach, Roberta Maxwell and Luke Kirby

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Gordon Dunn, a famed experimental psychologist, is found dead on the eve of unveiling an invention that could change the world. A wave of speculation mounts, as the circumstances of his death and the potentially ground-breaking nature of his discovery cause a sensation. In her immense grief, Gordon’s wife, Carolyn, retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world. She soon discovers the prototype, a machine that can play and record patients’ memories, and along with it a trove of “memory” drives from Gordon’s numerous patients, one of whom she expects is his killer. As powerful interests seek control of the invention, Carolyn becomes more and more suspicious. Only Sam, the man sent from the funeral home to deliver Gordon’s ashes, manages to gain her trust. Together Sam and Carolyn journey into her husband’s secret life, sifting through hundreds of memories in an attempt to find clues into Gordon’s mysterious death. As the two begin to uncover the truth of the past, they find that they must ultimately face their own memories in order to grasp the increasingly threatening reality of the present.

Directed by: Mark Palansky

Starring: Peter Dinklage and Julia Ormond

Financier: Great Point Media


Peter Dinklage investigates a mysterious death in Sundance film ‘Rememory’: Exclusive clip


The Eden Express



An upcoming co-production between Scythia Films and Stellar Citizens, The Eden Express is the first project to come out of the companies' new joint development fund. Read more here.

The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity is a 1975 memoir by Mark Vonnegut, son of American writer Kurt Vonnegut, about Mark’s experiences in the late 1960s and his major psychotic breakdown and recovery.

Originally published: 1975

Author: Mark Vonnegut


The Husband


A darkly comic drama about a man left to care for his infant son when his wife is imprisoned for cheating on him with a minor.


The Parting Glass


Directed by: Stephen Moyer

Starring: Anna Paquin, Denis O’Hare and Cynthia Nixon


The People Garden


An actress in Japan searches for her missing rock star boyfriend. Starring Dree Hemingway, Pamela Anderson, James Le Gros, François Arnaud and Liane Balaban. Directed by Nadia Litz.



The Pin


Two young people find love while in hiding during WWII. The boy Jacob, now an old man, works as a Shomer, a religious watchman responsible for guarding the souls of the dead before their burial. One night he comes face-to-face with his long lost love Leah when her dead body is wheeled into the morgue where he works. As he is presented with a final chance at redemption, he recalls the brief but intense circumstances of his love affair with Leah.



The VVitch


Late October, 1630s. In an unknown corner of New England, a fledgling farm sits at the edge of a dark and ancient forest. The days are growing shorter. The crops are dying. The animals are ill. William, a poor farmer, left England with his family to live in the Christian utopia of the New World. The family finally found a place far from Satan’s influence. Or so they thought…

Written and Directed By Robert Eggers

Starring: Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Winner of the Best First Feature at Sundance 2015 and the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards


Tomato Red


It’s not our talents that shape our lives, it’s our expectations. Based on the novel by Daniel Woodrell.

Written and directed by: Juanita Wilson

Starring: Julia Garner, Jake Weary, Anna Friel

Financier: Octagon Films

An Irish-Canadian co-production.


Wet Bum


It's the start of the spring term in a small northern town, heralding swimming lessons, hanging out with best friends, new classes and new possibilities. But this year, things are different for 14-year-old Sam. While her friends are moving on, focusing on boys, experimenting with drugs, Sam is too uncomfortable to even take off her bathing suit in front of the other girls. After landing herself into trouble, she is forced to work as a cleaner at the retirement home run by her mother. Sam finds unexpected and unlikely friendships with two of the retirement home's residents who end up teaching Sam a few things about growing up and growing old.




Four short horror films that are directed and written by women.


You Are Here


You Are Here is the first feature film by internationally acclaimed Toronto-based video artist Daniel Cockburn. Funny, disturbing, and thought provoking, it pushes at the boundaries of cinematic storytelling — while creating a deep and strange emotional connection with its cast of characters as they negotiate an absurd and cryptic world.


Youth Unstoppable


Youth Unstoppable: My Decade in the Youth Climate Movement (formerly An Inconvenient Youth) captures the vibrant untold story of the global youth climate movement. Decisions made today are shaping the world they will live in, and they are no longer willing to sit idly as the planet is degraded for the short term gain of the older generations. Director Slater Jewell-Kemker has been interviewing celebrities and politicians about the environment since the age of ten, now she is telling the stories of these remarkable young people on the front lines of climate change. The feature documentary also gives life to a thriving online community, already forming, that will continue as a youth focused environmental social network. This is the story of the youth of today fighting for their planet, their future.

Directed by Slater Jewell-Kemker